JAIL HOUSE EVENT- by Domina Liza UK and Madame Catarina GER

Sessions are tailor made to each individual prisoner, and it is therefore very important to ensure that you complete the application form fully so that you have the best experience at the jail. All prisoners are unique (even though you are simply a number!) and your guards understand that everyone has different limits and taboos which will always be respected 100%. If you have other areas of interest that are not outlined here then please mention them - if they are areas which your guards also undertake then these can certainly be incorporated into your stay at the jail.

Your chance to experience staying in an authentic prison with two cruel and sadistic guardesses in control of your every move - Madame Catarina and Domina Liza are proud to announce their 'Jailhouse Event' from 13th - 15th October 2017 to be held in an exclusive, historical location near Dresden in Germany. The building, previously used as a real jail has cells, interrogation rooms, medical inspection area, court room, torture cellars and much more. You can stay for any length of time from a few hours to a whole weekend. This is a fabulous chance to fulfil your prison fantasy under the strict and constant control of two dangerous and highly experienced Dominas.

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What can you expect at the jailhouse?

Sentencing & Judicial Punishments

How long will you be sentenced for will be determined by your prison guards. Once found guilty they will consider your crime and sentence you accordingly. You will also receive judicial punishments befitting to your sentence. You will soon realise that you are now helpless in the hands of your guards - they will decide what, when, how and where every element of your existence functions.

Psychological Torture & Interrogation

For those of your foolish enough not to confess your guilt, harsh measures will be used. Your merciless guards are highly skilled in the fields of psychological torture and will use intense interrogation techniques to make sure that you tell the truth - or else...

Isolation & Solitary Confinement

The concept of time and days will soon cease to exist for you. Cut off from the outside world you will feel totally controlled and no longer have any say in anything you do. Your cruel prison guards will decide your routine - when you eat, sleep and exercise - if at all. They may even ignore you, leaving you in isolation - totally helpless and wondering what fate next befalls you....


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