In view of the occasion I would like at this point to say that I am a very professional and very experienced
dominatrix. You may have seen my movie trailers but please do not be worried. Sessions are tailored to
your needs and I work within previously agreed limits so that you need not do anything you are uncomfortable
with! So write to me if you dare and I will be happy to read what you have written

Preferences and Possibilities:

I dominate as:

a virtuoso in flagellation and bastinado. I favour manila and dragon canes, single tail and bull whip
a dominatrix for all boot lovers and lickers

a clever, cunning and deceitful Mistress in psychological role games
a Governess/teacher for insubordinate slave-worms and school boys who need imperatively correction
a creative bondage authority who uses everything to maintain your surrender to me by immobilisation
an inspired sadist with mean toys, lets start with my fingernails
a warden for long term prisoners, enjoy the night severely enchained
a prison officer
a Equestrian

Other scenarios:

- training for house serving and keeping, butler of a Mistress
- Escort, Dinner, shopping slave
- long term and over night sessions, Bootcamp, Kidnapping
- Double Trouble with two Mistresses
- rides in the forest with shoulder saddle or Sulky drive
- any jailhouse scenario incl kidnapping, interrogation, conviction arresting and execution

Are you dare enough to serve me?

I am not:

a strap-on or golden/brown shower queen!
a doctor
a rubber mistress in the respective outfit
a mother or aunt     (no sissy/maid)     
a service provider or what can I do for you Mistress

As a classical Mistress and Domina I of course reject any kind of intimate body contact!
wrestling as well as any form of scat play are not my cup of tea.
If you want to realise fantasies of self experienced abuse of any kind you are anything but right with me.

You see yourself as:
an well experienced flagellant who are also exited in canes and whips
a masochist who is not scared to be scared by my subtly torments       

Note that ALL my sessions start straight at the dungeon door. I don't phone to talk about the session!
Let me know all the information concerning your disposition and taboos via e-mail.



Where is Madame Catarina based?

I am based in central West-Berlin (Charlottenburg) and only a one minute walk from a metro station.
My saloon is discrete but spacious and if you have seen my movies you will know it is very well
equipped. Washing and showering facilities are available for slaves to use after sessions.
I also have a hidden torture farm on the outskirts of Berlin

Who is Madame Catarina?

I am both a professional and a lifestyle mistress with over 17 years of experience in the BDSM scene.
I love my work and really enjoy dominating slaves, whether it be for a one hour session or something
more sustained you can rest assured it will be a fulfilling experience for us both.

How do I contact Madame Catarina to book a session? 

Contact is through e-mail only. You will send me a polite e-mail outlining your experience, interests and
taboos and the time and dates you wish to book an appointment. If I feel your interests match my own
we will discuss your session further. It is important that you are truthful as sessions start at the door.
I will respect your taboos and requests such as no marking, but you need to be honest with me from the
start. If I feel our interests are not compatible I will not hold as session with you. I would not enjoy it, so
what would be the point!

How do I find Madame Catarina’s saloon?

You will be given clear directions and instructions by text or e-mail usually at latest on the day of your first

How much notice do I need to give Madame Catarina to book a session?

I am a very busy lady with a very full diary. As a courtesy I expect sessions to be booked at least two days in
advance if not more. The earlier you book the better your chance of finding me available to session with you.

What can I expect in a session?

Each session starts at the door and I try very hard to make each session rewarding and special for both slave
and mistress. Each session is different and will be tailored to the interests outlined in your e-mails. I will of
course respect your taboos but rest assured I will be in total control at all times

Is it permitted to film a session or take photos?

No. If you wish I can use your phone to take photos of you during the session. If you want to make a movie
you may apply to become a slave actor here (

Will Madame Catarina travel to visit slaves?

For my very special and favourite slaves I will travel. I insist on first class travel and my own separate
hotel room.  This service is only offered to very special slaves.

Does Madame Catarina offer extended sessions and overnight stays?

Of course! Contact me to discuss details                                                                                                              

Can I buy items touched by Madame Catarina?

Yes go to my shop here







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