Dear Sublime Madame Catarina,

i thank You so much for this magic very intensive session of submission to Your Sublime Beauty and Your Great Power. i savored in continued ecstasy and great gratitude every moment of these unique 24 hours under Your strict and amazing control.

When i contacted You for an intense submission session i have never imagined my 24-hours splendid fate under Your full control. i was in full shock and fear when You gave me the mysterious appointment next to a park at Berlin suburbs, without any other indication of what was going to happen.

When the black van stopped next to me, the side door opened and You order me to enter, i realized that there was no way back and i was fully surrendered when You quickly put me in hood, blindfolds, earplugs and handcuffed around the waist, for a long silent road trip along the motorway and the country roads. i experienced very strong feelings of fear and agony before and during the kidnapping, not knowing what, where and when will happen to me, driven to the unknown deprived from any sight and hearing.

Then i found myself at the woods, alone in front of You, and i gradually felt so free leaving the human's world, transformed into a well restrained bridled black human pony, with the slow process of transformation being so strong, especially when putting the bite on my mouth. i quickly understood that my only concern will be my pony posture and tasks, dictated by the bridle and the long whip. i was shivering in joy when pulling endlessly the sulky and receiving Your sudden painful whipping to go faster, honored to be of use to Your sublime Beauty, in Your beautiful knee-high riding boots and Your powerful short black leather gloves.

When the ride stopped, i found myself in complete pain and despair, securely tied spread eagle - face on the ground and receiving Your merciless strong whipping on my back, with Your boots in front my face, on my head, on my body; a joy that i was wishing to never end.

When You finished Your picnic, i was driven back, to soon realize that my destiny was at Your real prison cell, feeling so beautifully controlled, in great difficulty to move with the heavy shackles at hands and feet. The prison time was passing slowly making me digest my role of submission at the Ladies Society; available for Your sadistic and lustful pleasures.

i had such strong masochistic pleasures during the strong canning and whippings before, during and after sleeping, just for Your sadistic pleasure, wishing not to stop. Especially, when woken up in the middle of night, having lost track of time and attached at the pillory for a so beautiful heavy single-tail whipping. The morning whipping was also so painful and beautiful and i strongly wished to be whipped like this every morning.

Later, i was released from the prison to find my natural place, well secured under Your office table, with Your divine feet (in heels or not) endlessly on my naked body and on my face, my dream office job. Being happy to be useful as Your doormat when You were working on Your laptop affairs, the ideal slave's position.

my mind and my body were totally captivated by Your Sublime Beauty, shining in every moment, with Your gaze imposing me humility, Your whips on Your gloved hands dictating me submission, Your divine booted legs showing me the way to obedience and Your firm orders leading me to complete surrendering.

kneeling humbly in front of Your Great Beauty in immense gratitude, i am looking forward to serve You again soon.

slave #30 V